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Speak what you believe

Your world is not framed by what the world says, your world is framed by your words. It doesn’t matter what’s going on with the economy or within your nation. What matters is what’s coming out of your mouth! If you don’t speak the word of God, you can believe all you want; it will never come to pass because you don’t speak what you believe. _ J.B Whitfield “By...


I recently received an unsolicited mail in my inbox, declaring that the month of April is National Decorating Month. It was interesting since our home is currently undergoing various decorating changes, not because of any national day, but simply because we needed to “tidy up” and make the home look “cool”. So, sanding, scraping, painting and general deep cleaning is the order of the day for us. It was then...


This week is an important week for the Body of Christ. The Church is coming together and in one voice declaring ENOUGH is enough! We will see churches open on Easter weekend in the name of Jesus! Join us LIVE from tonight, 6 pm CAT – 8 pm CAT, Sunday – Wednesday Broadcasting LIVE from CRC Pretoria, with ministry leaders from across different denominations and you – the church, reaching...

Old out – New in by Waldo Malan Changing an old habit takes some work and effort and it certainly doesn’t happen in a day. The biggest mistake anyone can make is to believe that breaking an old habit is simply a matter of a change of mind or heart. Yes, certainly it starts there, but to get lasting results it cannot stay there. So, the first step is to...

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